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Food Safety

At Chenail, safety and cleanliness are absolute priorities. This is why we have implemented a video surveillance system, a security system with magnetic card access, and a labelling system connected to our proprietary real-time order tracking program. We also have an efficient computerized traceability system to monitor all our product upstream and downstream. Thanks to these technologies, we are able to quickly track every product from purchase to sale.

At Chenail, we can process a recall in less than 5 minutes!

Chenail Import-Export is one of the first produce wholesaler and packager to obtain an Option D certification from CanadaGAP at the national level. We always strive to maintain this certification and our highest quality criteria that sets us apart us from our competitors. In fact, CanadaGAP’s Option D (attested GFSI) is a standard that includes all the components of the HACCP program as well as the good agricultural practices.

Our food safety and traceability system provides us several benefits:

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Real-time inventory

We were the first company in Canada to develop our own application for real-time tracking of orders and inventory. This system increases our efficiency in front of our customers and allows us to know in advance what will enter our warehouses. We can therefore constantly ensure an unparalleled freshness on the market. Our employees will fulfill your requests anywhere, anytime.

Reliable traceability system

Upon receipt of the fruits and vegetables at the warehouse, each pallet is labelled in order to be identified until the products are shipped to the distributors/customers.

Such label (PO number) enables the tracking of all information related to the origin and history of the product, including the date of shipping, the date of receipt, the country of origin, the quantity purchased, the supplier and the brand.