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With 38 well equipped trucks on the road, more than 30 loading/unloading gates and 18 refrigerated chambers with controlled atmosphere, Chenail offers its 500 customers a service tailored to their needs as well as products of unparalleled freshness on the market.

Delivery area

We serve over 500 customers throughout 5 Canadian provinces. We also export our products to the United States. We can cover a vast delivery area with our truck fleet.

Cutting edge trucks

A GPS chip is installed on each of our trucks, enabling real-time tracking all along the way. Their downtime, speed and delivery turnaround are logged in our database to ensure a fast and hassle free service.

Controlled environment

As we put our main focus on the quality and freshness of our products, we equipped each of our trucks with a temperature recorder. Whether they travel over 2 or 2,000 km, we maintain and monitor their temperature in order to keep it at an ideal level for the product conservation. That, too, is Chenail’s strength.